Access human intelligence for digital tasks, on-demand. Powered by Africans earning a fair wage from their smartphones

Get training data labelled for machine learning and other human intelligence tasks with result quality guaranteed by our skill-weighted consensus mechanism using blockchain technology.

Why is the right solution for your project...

Built by a team of world-class machine learning experts fed up with expensive crowdsourcing platforms that exploit workers, are difficult to use and provide poor results - we are building on-demand human intelligence the right way...

Superhuman accuracy

We create clear incentives for workers to do the best job they possibly can and automatically allocate each task to several workers to ensure superhuman quality results.

Privacy protection

We digitally shred documents and audio before digitizing them and no single worker ever sees full context or more than a fraction of your dataset

Near real-time task completion

We return results in near real-time - so fast that you cannot tell the difference between whether the result was completed by a human or by a machine learning API

On demand, no minimums or upper limits

Tap into human intelligence on-demand and scale as needed - only pay for what you use and turn capacity on and off instantly

How works...

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Upload your data

Upload your data using our drag-and-drop interface or via API and we apply data shredding to ensure privacy

Image placeholder workers complete your task

Many workers complete your task and we combine their answers into high quality results

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Download your results

You can download the results of your task using our interface or via API in CSV or JSON format

Image placeholder directly improves lives in Africa One digital task at a time

Unemployment is a serious problem in Africa. Over 28% of the working age population in South Africa is unemployed but most people have a smartphone. The opportunity for Africans to earn a living wage from their phones is life-changing...

How we guarantee high quality results

We use robust quality control mechanisms powered by blockchain technology to ensure we return the highest quality results for each task

We quantify worker skill on each task

Each worker completes a test before beginning a task that measures their skill on that task and their skill is stored using blockchain

Skill-weighted consensus

We show each task to several workers and use their skill to combine several answers into a single high quality result

Workers verify each other

Each output is verified by an independent worker and workers only earn skill for correctly solving tasks


Here are some examples of industries and use cases for

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Detect vehicle damage
Digitise insurance forms
Classify customer feedback

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Extract data from bank statements
Verify customers from photos
Classify inbound customer feedback

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Call Centre

Transcribe audio calls
Translate call transcriptions
Identify the speaker

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Detect if workers wear hard hats
Classify truck loads
Verify truck loads are paid for

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Detect vehicle damage
Identify licence plates
Digitise driving licences

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Detect objects
Recognise licence plates
Identify people

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Count customers in queue
Categorise products from images
Digitise invoices from suppliers

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Human Resources

Extract data from CVs
Classify CV content
Transcribe audio interviews

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Detect patients who need attention
Find doctors within hospital
Extract data from patient records

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Questions about Find your answer here or contact us. workers can do any task that can be done by a person on their smartphone with a few minutes of instructions. It must be easy for an independent person to verify that the task was done correctly because workers verify each other's work (we make sure there is no collusion!). Many of the tasks involve labeling training data for machine learning or fixing the output of machine learning models but we can do any kind of digital task including finding data on the web and answering research questions. We help converting tasks normally done on desktop into a format that can easily be done on a phone (usually by breaking the task up into smaller pieces). Have a look at our industry & sections to get some ideas and if your use case is not mentioned, please contact us and we will create a custom project for you...

We charge per task output which is calculated based on how long it takes to complete and how many workers need to complete the task to achieve high quality results. Before starting your project you can send us some sample data and we will give you a rate for your tasks. In general, our rates are significantly lower than other mechanical turk / data labeling services because the minimum wage in Africa is low and we reduce overall costs (like the need for offices) using modern technology and the fact that our workers already have devices. We created in the first place because we were not satisfied with the pricing or quality of results from other companies in the market. workers earn at least minimum wage and their earnings increase as they get more experience and accumulate skill which lets them do more difficult tasks and work as task verifiers. The founders of are African and we care very deeply about empowering Africans to earn a fair wage and improve their standard of living. Paying our workers fair wages while being able to offer attractive rates to our customers will always be our main objective.

When we set up your task, you give us several examples of how your task should be done. We use these as a test for each worker and calculate their skill on the task. As we allocate your tasks to workers, we show each task to several workers and use their skill to combine their answers into a single high quality result for each task using our skill-weighted consensus mechanism. Workers earn more money if they have higher skill but lose skill faster than they gain it if they do a bad job so they are economically incentivized to always do a good job. We also create verification tasks where randomly assigned workers check other workers’ tasks in a way that makes it impossible for them to cheat or collude. These testing, consensus and verification mechanisms make sure that we provide superhuman results.

We take data privacy very seriously and use several mechanisms to ensure that your data remains secure including not showing a significant portion of your data to any single worker and using digital shredding to scrub context from images and audio files. For example if you play a 5 minute audio recording of a call to a single worker to transcribe, you have to trust them to keep the content of the call secret. Better is a trustless approach where the call is shredded into clips that are a few seconds long which are transcribed by several different workers such that no single worker hears context or a significant portion of the audio being transcribed.

Response time depends on how long your task takes for a single worker to complete but we return results immediately once we have a skill-weighted consensus between the workers assigned to your task. We strive for near real-time response and if your task takes an average of 10 seconds to complete then you can expect a response in approximately 15 seconds. For tasks that do not require real-time response, we give you a small discount for batch response in which case we send you an email as soon as your set of tasks have been completed.